Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces

su segnalazione di Davide Rocchesso

We are pleased to invite you to the 4th International Conference on
«Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces » that will be held in
Compiègne, France, from 13rd to 16th of October 2009.
The general theme is FuTURN Innovation, the ground for co-emergence of
experiences and technologies.
The scientific community taking part in this conference is a compilation
of research experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds, i.e., the
Industrial Design and Engineering Design as well as the Human Sciences.
Its focus is on the exploration of the innovation processes through an
experiential approach, inspired and ignited by the challenges of human
comprehension. The integration of their different approaches through a
common ground, design, is quintessential to its undertaking.
The call for papers addresses 10 topics to the following communities:
Engineering design, Product Design,and Human Sciences.
+ 1 : Aesthetics for intelligent product and system design
+ 2 : Narrative design
+ 3 : Pleasure of risk and risk of pleasure
+ 4 : Products and services co-designed by Customers
+ 5 : Sensory and innovative product
+ 6 : Enaction design for Human World Interaction (HWI)
+ 7 : Skilled Interaction: Making people better at being good.
+ 8 : Mastering emotional values in the early phase of the design
+ 9 : Product Usage Design in Virtual Development and Manufacture
+ 10 : Innovation centers
The conference welcomes scientific papers, prototypes demos, posters,
workshops and industrial exhibitions. Students contributions are
As in previous DPPI conferences, Pittsburgh, Eindhoven and Helsinki, we
challenge you to participate in an exhilarating week of listening, doing
research, designing, discussing, learning and having fun.
« Important dates »:
Call for papers : November, 2008
Deadline for Paper Submission : February 28, 2009
Peer review results sent to authors : May 30, 2009
Final paper uploading : July 15, 2009
Conference : October 13-16, 2009
Registration opens by the end of June 2009
Early Bird Registration will be open until July 15th 2009.

The organizing committee of DPPI in Compiègne
Anne Guénand, Benoît Eynard, Indira Thouvenin, Olivier Gapenne, Charles
Scientific committee being constituted.
Please find further details on the conference website